The originator of the Project

  Karine Dilanian holds a MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Her dissertation was titled “An examination of the theories of light and their application to astrological practice”. She is vice-president of ISAR for Russia, professional astrologer, teacher, publisher and translator. Lives in Moscow, Russia.
Organized conferences
1993 – 2009 – nine  biannual International Astrological Conferences Ancient Tradition and Modern Approach –  Moscow, Russia
Interdisciplinary conference  Heavenly Images – 2012, Moscow, Russia
Organizer of 20 International Astrology Schools in Moscow, Russia – with Nick Campion (GB), Derek Appleby (GB), Geoffrey Cornelius (GB), Maggie Hyde (GB), Graeme Tobyn (GB), K.N. Rao (India), geshe Nyima Kunchap (Nepal), Raymond Merriman (US), Robert Corry (US), Monica Dimino (US), Chris McRae (Canada), Alexander Imsiragic (Serbia) and others.

Teaching: cofounded in 1996 (with Boris Boiko) of the educational body “Academy of Global Astrology and Metainformation” which holds state educational license from the Moscow Government Educational Department, accredited by the ISAR and the Russian Union of Professional Astrologers; general manager and senior teacher. Academy teachers 4 year program in classes, through distant learning and correspondence program.
Coauthor (with Boris Boyko) of the course astrological textbooks:
Astrology basics, Horoscope analysis, Horoscope interpretation.
Author of the course astrological textbooks: Synastry, Fixed stars, Arabic Parts and Greek Lots, Rectification of the Horoscope.
Author of the course on Hellenistic, Arabic and Renaissance Astrology.

Publishing activity
William Lilly,“Christian Astrology” – translator (with Anton Grigoriev and Irina Savina), editor, publisher (2 editions).
William Lilly, Henry Coley, “Astrologer’s Guide” – editor, publisher.
Nicholas Kulpeper, “Astrological Judgment on Diseases” – editor, publisher.
Nicholas Campion, “The Book of World Horoscopes” – editor, publisher.
M. Baigent, N. Campion, C. Harvey, “Mundane Astrology” – editor, publisher.
Robert Hand, “Night and Day” – translator, editor and publisher.
K.N. Rao, “Learn Hindu Astrology… easily” – publisher.
K.N. Rao, “Yogis, Destiny and the Wheel of Time” – publisher.
Kushyar Ibn Labban, “Introduction into Astrology” (upcoming – autumn 2015) – translator (with Anton Grigoriev), editor, publisher.
“The Wheel of Time” – astrological magazine (1996 – 2008): author, editor, translator and publisher.

International lecturer (2008-2018), main presentations:

  • 2008, United Astrology Conference ,USA, Denver, Colorado:”Dodekatemorion – Hidden Essence of the Chart”.
  • 2009,9th International Congress, Moscow, Russia:”Sibly engraving for D of I and the Second Oath Taking by Barak Obama”.
  • 2009, ISAR International Conference, USA, Chicago: “Johannes Kepler Astrological Works and Russian Academy of Sciences”, “The Gift of Melancholia: Marsilio Ficino, Albreht Durer, Richard Burton”.
  • 2010, 1st International Internet Conference (producer Robert Corrie, USA): “Day and Night – Different Approaches to the Chart Reading Depending on the Day or Night Birth Time”.
  • 2011, Interdisciplinary Conference “Heavenly Images”, Moscow, Russia: “100 low-studied pages from Kepler’s manuscripts”.
  • 2012, United Astrology Conference, USA, New Orleans: “Astrology Lost and Found: Reconstruction of the Lost Western Astrological Techniques via Contemporary Indian Astrological Practice”, “Light in the Horoscope”.
  • 2012, 44 AA Astrological Conference (GB): “Metaphysics of Light and Astrological Practice.”
  • 2014, ISAR International Conference, USA, Fenix, Arizona: “On Karmic and Non-karmic Astrology – Tibetan Astrology”, “Nicholas Copernicus and Reform of Astrology”.
  • 2016,  24th SEAC Conference (Bath, GB) : The Marriage of Astronomy and Culture: Theory and Method in the Study of Cultural Astronomy. Lecture: Hermeneutics of the Celestial phenomena:the signs of providential mission of Tsar Ivan IV Grozniy and understanding of historical documents.
  • 2016,  48th International Astrological Conference, Astrological Association of Great Britain. Lecture “Nicholaus Copernicus and Reform of Astrology”.
  • 2018, 28 th IVC conference 2018, Kalkutta, India. Lecture: “Reconstruction  of  the  Lost  Western Astrological Technique via India Astrological Theory and Practice: Divisional Charts in Western Astrology”.

Coming talks:

  • 2018, United Astrology Conference, Chicago US. Lecture: ” To Set Forth the Essence of the Focast”.
  • 2018, 26th SEAC Conference (Austria, Graz). Lecture: “Harmonices Mundi” by Johannes Kepler and Georg Kraft’s prediction for ice drift on the Neva River in 1732.

Astrological public work
• President of the Russian Union of Professional Astrologers – 2006 until now.
• ISAR vice-president for Russia – 2009 until now.
Special diploma of the Bharatya Vidya Bhavan Institute (New Delhi, India) for the spreading of Indian astrology in Russia, 2000.
Corona Borealis award (Russia) for the translation (in cooperation with Anton Grigoriev and Irina Savina) and publishing of the Christian Astrology by William Lilly in Russian, 2007.